Whatever the occasion may be, it is always a perfect time to let your personal fashion style shine through. The u4hope ‘s idea Design custom garment making is to connect with a unique identity of a client and bring out their own sense of style — The interview time with the client is the key of what will be the garment  — it important  to  decide On the fabric , style and color to create  the unique garment a client envisions for an occasion (or an everyday wear).


If you have a custom garment design idea in mind, please conctact us to book your appointement for  the consultation 


Phon number : 7349458085

Email :



There is 40 $ fee  non refundable for an hour consultation .

 If you would like to receive a price quote prior to the first consultation, please send an image of the desired garments 



During the consultation , we discusse with the client about the style , fabric... take measurements . Schedule the fitting appointement .

usually we 2 fitting before the final fitting 

Our deadeline for the wedding garment is 8 weeks and non wedding is 5 weeks 


If you have any idea or  something something specifique  you should let us know during this time or take the the picture of what you. If you didn’t specifie and want a little change there is fee 


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