Behind u4hope

I ‘m Esperance Malonga , from Congo .

I have been a seamstress for over 20 years,

since my childhood I love to create.

for a little story, I used to go to the sewing workshop to pick up the falling fabrics to make the dolls and then make the clothes for these dolls,

 my mother having noticed that suggested me to regeister at fashion school .

after my higth school in cutting and sewing  i started sewing at home.

One day one of the seamstresses from whom I was going to pick up the falling   fabrics, saw a dress that I made for a lady from my neighborhood, she came to see me to congratulate me by reminding me of what she said to me, because she also wanted me to sew.

it motivated me again and since then I have always wanted to perfect what led me to a school of fashion design for 3 years where I learned fashion design and draping and molding, and with time I have learned to cut also by hand so that some of my clothes are cut off.

 currently I am working on a mix between African fabrics and western details which means that you will find a diversity in my creation,

 I take care of the style of the whole family, from the father to the children to the mother,

thank you for giving me your precious reading time, I invite you to discover my creation and do not hesitate to give me your impression.

thank you